Pilgrimage Tour
  • Barahachhetra Darshan
    Tour To Barahachhetra

    Barahachhetra Darshan is a tour into the mystical land of Baraha Region located 20km far from Dharan at the confluence of Saptakoshi River and Koka River. There is a popular myth regarding the christening of this area according to which The Supreme God- Lord Vishnu landed here in the form of Baraha(Boar) to protect Earth from the evilness of the terrifying Demon Hiranakshya. A common belief states it mandatory for people who have lost their parents to visit Barahachhetra and perform Sraddha (offering to ancestors) so that their parent would cross the astral river Baitarni so that their spirit will not wander in between and they will not have to reborn.

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  • Gosainkunda Tour
    Gosaikunda TOur

    Gosainkunda Tour at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is 7-days long mildly arduous Tour package which haul us through the  natural wonders to the pristine Glacier Lake of Gosainkunda which positions itself to the north of Kathmandu. Gosainkunda Tour entails the remote and hidden trail which proceeds through the sparsely populated area. 

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  • Halesi Mahadev Tour
    Tour in Halesi Mahadev

    Adventure Himalayan Travels is proud to arrange a brief5-days long Halesi Mahadev Tour package which will lead us through the ancient and revered region of Halesi Mahadev. Halesi Mahadev has been offered an equal status to the Pashupatinath Temple of Katkmandu and thus is regarded as the Pashupatinath of Eastern Nepal. Halesi Mahadev Tour pursues the trail into the hilly region located amid the two roaring rivers of Dudhkoshi and Sunkoshi.

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