Nepal Tours
  • Himalaya nature tour
    Himalayan Tour

    Several wonders introduce Nepal to the bigger world; mountains are definitely one of them. Apart from its rich and unique cultural heritages and monuments, Nepal is also taken as the mystic land nestled peacefully in the bosom of Himalayas. The views of mountains from Nepal are simply engrossing.

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  • Nepal Holidays Tour
    Tour in Nepal

    Nepal Holidays Tour at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is a compact package of mere 8-days long  which aids you in proper utilization of your Holidays by spending some quality time with your friends and families among the sites offering cultural and natural beauties of the outskirts of Kathmandu.

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  • Nepal Manakamana Tour
    Manakamana Tour

    Nepal Manakamana Tour at Adventure Himalayan Travels is 5-days Tour Package into the Manakamana Devi Temple premise existing nearby Kathmandu Valley making it easily accessible. Manakamana Temple is located 100 km west of Kathmandu atop the hill at an altitude of 1302 m above sea level and can be ingresses in mere 3 hours from Kathmandu.  

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  • Nepal Package Tour
    Nepal Package TOur

    Out of many Tour and Trek packages Adventure Himalayan Travels offer to the anticipating visitors, Nepal Package Tour is one of the best travel and tour packages in Nepal. Nepal Package Tour at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is the 7-days long Tour Package which explore the nooks and crannies of Kathmandu city which has been in the center of every political, economic and social activities in Nepal since time immemorial.

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  • Nepal Splendid Tour
    Nepal splendid Tour

    Nepal Splendid Tour at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is a brief tour package of mere 6 days. Nepal is Eden for travelers where time seems fleeting amid its rich culture, ancient traditions and rituals, wild and raw nature and archaic heritage.

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  • Nepal Sunrise Tour
    Nepal Sunrise Tour

    Nepal Sunrise Tour at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is 5- days long Tour Package specially tailored with sole purpose of providing the esteemed visitors with the chance to have a mesmerizing views of sunrise and sunset over the majestic snow-clad mountains.

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  • Nepal Vacation Tour
    Nepal Vacation Tour

    Nepal Vacation Tour at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is 8-days long Tour Package which lets you unlock the mysteries of three ancient cities of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini. A mountain flight around Mount Everest adds feather to the hat.

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  • Nepal Weekend Tour
    Nepal Weekend Tour

    Nepal Weekend Tour at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is a brief package of mere 4days which is devised in order to offer as many natural and cultural wonders around Kathmandu to you as possible in a very limited span of time and thus Nepal Weekend Tour is considered the best holiday package in Nepal for time bound people who had to let their will to travel to suppress in their heart in lack of time.

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  • Rara Lake Tour
    Rara Lake Tour

    Rara Lake Tour is one of the fascinating lake tours in Nepal as it takes us to the exotic region of Rara Lake, full with stunning natural beauty. Adjoining the Rara Lake is the Rara National Park, where animals like Himalayan black bear and Red Panda reside. The trek to Rara National Park brings delight for botanists, nature-lovers and bird watchers. One can explore incredibly diverse Himalayan vegetation and observe different kinds of birds and wild animals during Rara Lake Tour. Trek to Rara Lake brings joy for those who are fond of passing some time in recluse in the lap of nature. Karnali region where the lake is located is one of the remote regions in Nepal, letting the visitors find some time in tranquility.  

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  • Wildlife Heli Tour
    Wildlife Tour

    Wildlife Heli Tour is an adventurous yet luxurious Tour towards the UNESCO enlisted Natural Site of Chitwan National Park where we will get to encounter the fearsome beasts like raging one- horned rhinoceros, Rhesus monkey, Langur and Bengal tiger among others.  

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  • Agriculture Tour

    Nepal is an agricultural country. According to the statics, it was considered as a source of income during 1980s. In the total population, 90% people were engaged in it. Seeing the establishment of the 5th Five Year Plan which was made on 1970- 1980 has encouraged an agricultural sector. That has directly contributed in increasing the productivity which and that help to make in an easy export. Agriculture is directly promoting the industrial sector in Nepal these days.

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  • Bird Watching Tour in Nepal
    Nepal Bird Watching

    Nepal is counted as a rich country in terms of birds too. It is said that there are 847 species of birds as Nepal has a suitable climate for birds. Except that, there are other species of birds too who have migrated in Nepal from other parts of counter. Bird Watching Tour is another tourism scope that can be promoted as there are people who enjoy watching several species of colorful birds rather than just climb the Mountains and high Peaks. Nepal is known as a Paradise for Birds.

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  • Phoksundo Lake Tour
    Shey Phoksundo Lake Tour in Nepal

    Shey Phoksundo Lake, the deepest lake in Nepal, is a sacred lake offering stunning natural beauty. Considered sacrosanct by the Dolpa locals, it is praised for its aquamarine greenish blue color. No aquatic life in the lake pronounces that the water is crystal clear. Called by the seasoned travelers as the jewel of Dolpo, Shey Phoksundo Lake gives refreshing experience to the eyes. Ringed by tall snow-capped mountains, view of Phoksundo Lake is an extremely satisfying experience. Shey-Phoksundo National Park is situated in the mountain region of the Western Nepal near the Phoksundo Lake covering parts of Dolpa and Mugu districts. Gazetted in 1984, it is the largest national park in the country with an area of 3,555 sq. km. The main objectives of the park are to preserve the unique Himalayan ecosystem with its typical Tibetan type of flora and fauna, and to protect endangered species such as the snow leopard and musk deer.  

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  • Kathmandu Nagarkot Weekend Tour
    Kathmandu Nagarkot Tour

    Kathmandu Nagarkot Weekend Tour at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is 4-days long Tour Package which lets you through ancient cities of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur to Nagarkot- a location popular in global arena for the view of sunrise it offers.

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