Marshyangdi River Rafting

Trip Overview Marshyangdi River Rafting

Marshyangdi River Rafting

Commonly called ‘The Raging River’, all the holes, persisting and powerful rapids and drops make Marshyangdi River Rafting the most difficult rafting in Nepal. Rapids falling on Class IV and V category offer the best kayaking experience in the world. Truly, Marshyangdi River Rafting is a recently opened next generation rafting in Nepal which takes you through the hair rising experience of passing through steeper downfalls, several rapids, turbulences and sharp bends that opens up fresh vistas of some of the world’s highest mountains. Setting on the adrenaline adventure in Marshyangdi River allows finest views of Manaslu and Annapurna Mountains while it offers the extreme rafting experience of passing through narrow gorges, and canyons.

Marshyangdi River which is the tributary of Trishuli initiates from a confluence of two mountain rivers – Kharsang Khola and Jharsang Khola located near to Manang Village and continues to the Trishuli River at Mugling.

Marshyangdi River Rafting package initiates by taking a scenic drive to Besi Sahar and moving further to Khudi. We will take a short trek Ngadi which acts as the put-in point for Marshyangdi River Rafting. Marshyangdi River Rafting blends the scenic mountain viewing at the backdrop with the action packed rafting through the holes and rapids till it hits the put- in point at Bimal Nagar and we drive back to Kathmandu and thus 5days long Marshyangdi River Rafting conclude.

Itinerary Outline of Marshyangdi River Rafting:

Day01: Drive to Besi Sahar Move to Khudi

Day02: Trek to Ngadi Raft to Khudi

Day03: Raft to Besi Sahar

Day04: Raft to Bhote Wodar via Phaliya Sanghu

 Day05: Raft to point near Bimal Nagar Back to Kathmandu

Day01: Drive to Besi Sahar Move to Khudi:

A picturesque drive of about 8hrs should be able to take us to Besi Sahar. A bit far from Besi Sahar exists Khudi where we will set our camp for the night.

Day02: Trek to Ngadi Raft to Khudi:

Two hours of trekking will lead us to Ngadi which marks the put- in point for Marshyangdi River Rafting. Rafting back to Khudi offers spectacular views of Manaslu Mountain while we will face rapids like Instant Karma, Twinkle, Adrenaline and Mama’s Big Butt by Bhulbhule.

Day03: Raft to Besi Sahar:

This day we will float all the way down to Besi Shahar, sailing on the crystal blue water with lush jungle hanging insecurely to the canyon walls and mountains suspended high above the forested ridge.

Day04: Raft to Bhote Wodar via Phaliya Sanghu:

An early morning rafting for about 3hours will lead us to the recently built dam at Phaliya Sanghu where whole river is squeezed between vertical walls that rise 200ft to a suspension bridge. Leaving Phaliya Sanghu behind, we will sail forward to Bhote Wodar where we will call the day off and have scenic views of some mountains.

Day05: Raft to point near Bimal Nagar Back to Kathmandu:

This day marks the end of Marshyangdi River Rafting as we pass through high walled gorge with birds and vegetation to Bimal Nagar which is put-out point for Marshyangdi River Rafting. We will take a drive back to Kathmandu.