Makalu Trek

Trip Overview Makalu Trek

Makalu Trek comes under Eastern Nepal which is protected by Makalu Barun National Park along with Conservation Project cover occupying 2330 sq km. It is the 5th tallest mountain of the world (8463m). Literally, Makalu signifies the greatness and black one as it contains dark brooding appearances. Being the fifth tallest mountain in the world, people do not attempt to climb it in comparison to other tall mountains. It is for sure that if you are planning to climb the Makalu, Makalu Trek requires a lot of mountaineering experiences. Otherwise, you may not overcome it which is known from the people who have attempted it before. It was first climbed by a French Team in 1955. Makalu Mountain has mainly two important supplementary Peaks.
Makalu is one of the most difficult Mountains to climb in the world. It is an inspiring Peak with the mass of the red stonework made up of four sided pyramid shape. Due to its peculiar structure and features, Makalu is termed as a peculiar Mountain. Makalu (8,463m) is a highly challenging Mountain, which is located 14 miles away from the east of Mount Everest. Its minimum altitude is 3900 meter and 8,463meter is its maximum altitude. The most appropriate season for the Trek to Makalu is spring and autumn.

Outline of Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu
  • Day 02-03: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
  • Day 04: Flight to Tumlingtar, drive to Chichila (1850m) 5hrs
  • Day 05: Trek to Num (1,505m) 5hrs
  • Day 06: Trek to Seduwa (1,530m) 5hrs
  • Day07: Trek to Gaon (2,065m) 5hrs
  • Day 08: Khongma (3,562m) 5hrs
  • Day 09: Acclimatization day at Khongma (4,200m)
  • Day 10: Trek to Mumbuk (4,200m) 6hrs
  • Day 11: Trek to Yangri Kharka (3,610m) 5hrs
  • Day 12: Trek to Shershong (4,650m)
  • Day 13: Trek to Makalu South East Base Camp 5hrs
  • Day 14: Makalu North Ridge BC (4,800m) 3-4 hrs
  • Day 15: Acclimatization at Base Camp 6hrs
  • Day 16: Trek to Mumbuk 6hrs
  • Day 17: Trek to Kauma 6hrs
  • Day 18: Trek to Tashi Gaoni
  • Day 19: Trek to Num
  • Day 20: Trek to Tumlingtar 5hrs
  • Day 21: Trek to Khandbari
  • Day 22: Trek to Tumlingtar
  • Day 23: Back to Kathmandu
  • Day 24: Departure

Day 01: Arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu (1,350m)
Upon your arrival at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, you will be received by our representatives at the Airport. Our representative will transfer you to the hotel and will discuss about the further plans over there. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu
For the next couple of days, you will be exploring the Kathmandu Valley visiting Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, Durbar Squares and other cultural as well as traditional sites. You will also prepare for the expedition during the time, acquiring permission for the expedition from the government agency. Overnight stay at a hotel.

Day 03: Flight to Tumlingtar, drive to Chichila (1850m) 5hrs
Tumlingtar is a village which is situated at the height of 400 meter above from the sea level. Tumlingtar is an initial place from where our trekking starts. We will take a flight from Kathmandu to Tumlingtar. From Tumlingtar, we will drive to Chichila (1850m) and we will be exploring the remaining days. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 04: Trek to Num (1,505m) 5hrs
Chichila to Num covers about 1,505 meter. So, on this day we will wake up early in the morning and start our trekking. After having breakfast we will take a walk and will enjoy the trek. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 05: Trek to Seduwa (1,530m) 5hrs
This is our 6th day of trekking and expedition trip. After having a breakfast early in the morning we will start our trekking to Seduwa (1,530m). Seduwa is actually an interesting place where you are going to enjoy the natural beauties of that area.

Day06: Trek to Gaon (2,065m) 5hrs
On the 7th day of trekking, we will move to Gaon (2,065m). Particularly on that day we have to walk a long distance from Seduwa to Gaon (2,065m). Overnight stay at a local guesthouse.

Day 07: Khongma (3,562m) 5hrs
On the 8th day, we will be moving to Khongma (3,562m) from Gaon. We start early for the day as we cover almost 1500 meters on the day. It is going to be a long day’s trek needing almost 7-8 hours of trek. The trek will, however, be adventurous as the trail takes us to several amazing landscapes. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 08: Acclimatization day at Khongma (4,200m) 6hrs
The ninth day of the itinerary is for acclimatization. We will be spending the day at Khongma, resting and acclimatizing to the conditions and the altitude. We can travel around the Khongma village and interact with the villagers and learn about their culture. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 9: Trek to Mumbuk (4,200m)
From Khongma we will climb Shipton La and from there we will descend to Mumbak (4,200m). In Mumbuk, we will take a walk which is considered as a tricky area to cross Shipton La. As we reach at Khongma we will take our breakfast. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 10: Trek to Yangri Kharka (3,610m) 6hrs
For the trek to Yak Kharka (3,6100m), we have to move early in the morning which takes 6 hours. Before the sunrise you have to cross Dhampu Pass. The view of the entire Annapurna Range being touched by the sun with the valley resting below in the darkness gives amazing views. Overnight stay at guesthouse.

Day 11: Trek to Shershong (4,650m) 5hrs
For the trek to Shershong (4,650m), we will move early in the morning taking a breakfast in Yangri Kharka which takes 5 to 6 hours walking from Yangri Kharka. After the few minutes walking an expert will discuss about the further plans.

Day 12: Trek to Makalu South East Base Camp
On the 12h day, we will move for the trek to Makalu South East Base Camp according to the planning. Trekking in Makalu South East Base Camp is difficult in nature yet you will enjoy this trekking. Overnight stay at a tented camp.

Day 13: Makalu North Ridge BC (4,800m) 5hrs
Day 13th is an essential day as we are going to see Makalu North Ridge Base Camp (4,800m) which is one of the focal point of our trip. The trekking to Makalu North Ridge Base Camp is considered to be unusual than the other trekking as trekkers to this area will be appreciated more than the others. Overnight stay at a tented camp.

Day 14: Acclimatization at Base Camp 3-4 hrs
After the trekking to Makalu North Ridge Base Camp (4,800m), day 15th day is allocated for the acclimation at the Base Camp. This is very important part of the itinerary as the couple of day’s acclimatization will help us to get used to the conditions and prepare ourselves for the expedition that lies ahead. Overnight stay at a tented camp.

Day 15: Trek to Mumbuk 6hrs
The destination for the 15th day is Mumbuk, a small village in the region of Makalu. It will take five hours of trekking from Yak Kharka to reach there. You can explore the village during the hiking time. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 16: Trek to Kauma 6hrs
On the 16th day you will return to Kauma from Mumbuk. Today you will be walking a bit longer in comparison to other days. So, you will take your breakfast and then only will move for Kauma taking rest on the way. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 17: Trek to Tashi Gaoni 6hrs
Again today your walk will be extended for 6 hours like yesterday when you moved from Mumbuk to Kauma. But the trek will be interesting as you will get to know lots of things about the nature, people and different vegetations. You will take your lunch on the way to Tashi Gaoni. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 18: Trek to Khandbari

Day 19: Trek to Num
The day when we are done with exploring Tashi Gaon we will return to Num. As you have already seen Num, we can go thoroughly but in case if you have time and willing to explore more, definitely there is a high chance for the explorations. Overnight stay at a guest house.

Day 20: Trek to Khandbari
On the 20th day you will be moving towards Khandbari from Num right after taking breakfast. Khandbari is comparatively a beautiful place for the trek. Khandbari is a prosperous place in comparison to other places of this route. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 21: Trek to Tumlingtar
The next day, we will reach Tumlingtar which is another beautiful town in the eastern region of Nepal. After reaching Tumlingtar, you will spend the rest of the night in a hotel enjoy the local food and cultural dances. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 22: Back to Kathmandu
It is worth to take a rest in Kathmandu for one more day so that the day when you depart from Kathmandu you do not feel dizziness and tiredness. In an evening time you can explore the remaining places of Kathmandu which will count as a plus point. Overnight stay at a guesthouse.

Day 23: Departure

This is the last day according to an itinerary where you will return to your own hometown from Tribhuvan International Airport. You will move from a hotel after taking your lunch.

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