Karnali River Rafting

Trip Overview Karnali River Rafting

Karnali River Rafting

Karnali River is the longest and largest River in Nepal which has its roots on Mount Kailash in Tibet and flows south to Nepal after gaining water from the snow of Mount Kailash and glacier of Kanjiroba Himal from where Karnali River drops off into harsh canyons beaten by turbulent water which chisels the Himalayan terrain into several gorges and canyons and proceeds to remote areas of serene woods.  

The lower section of Karnali River takes a sharp bend from south to north regarded as Western Bend at which point the river passes through deep gorges to a remote region.

Engaging in Karnali River Rafting will let you undergo through adrenaline adventure which proceeds through steep and challenging white water and elusive wilderness. The notorious rapids in Karnali River are more constricted and steeper.

Karnali River Rafting commences by driving to Surkhet from where we will head towards Sauli which is the point of initiation of Karnali River Rafting. We will undergo series of rapids and bends to cover total 180km with an aura of serene and raw landscapes to move forth to Chisopani which is the Check Out point for Karnali River Rafting. Enthralled in the life altering voyage, we will either visit Bardia National Park for bird watching or drive back toKathmandu.

 Itinerary Outline:

Day01: Drive to Surkhet

Day02: Move to Sauli

Day03: Rafting in Karnali River

Day04: Rafting in Karnali River

Day05: Rafting in Karnali River Camp at Seti Dovan

Day06: Rafting continues

Day07: Rest day

Day08 and Day09: Rafting continues

Day10: End of Rafting at Chisopani Bridge, Drive back to Kathmandu

Day01: Drive to Surkhet:

It takes nearly 11hours of driving to cover 377km road and make it to Surkhet which happens to be the regional headquarter of Mid- Western Region of Nepal.

Day02: Move to Sauli:

A drive of about 5hrs from Surkhet through pretty little villages and scenic views of hillocks will lead us to Sauli.

Day03: Rafting in Karnali River:

Real rafting experience begins from Sauli. We will be experiencing some drops and rapids for the first day of rafting before camping at the bank of Karnali River.

Day04: Rafting in Karnali River

Rafting on this day will be bit strenuous as we will be passing through the gorges and turbulent water.

Day05: Rafting in Karnali River Camp at Seti Dovan:

We will be entailed by yet more rapids and drops that persists till we call the day off at Seti Dovan.

Day06: Rafting to Jamuna Village:

We need to continue paddling hard. Floating through this day will be blessed with picturesque landscapes and enchanting views of Mountains. We will set our camp at Jamuna Village.

Day07: Rest Day:

7th day is taken as a Rest Day. We will take break from Rafting and head on for a short hike around the woods of Jamuna Village.

Day08 and Day09: Rafting continues:

We will notice that the turbulent flow of river has diminished to the great extent and the river is now calm and peaceful. Passing through the confluence where it meets with Seti River, we will continue our rafting. 


Day10: End of Rafting at Chisopani Bridge, Drive back to Kathmandu:

We will conclude Karnali River Rafting at Chisopani Bridge and either drive back to Kathmandu or head on to enjoy Bardiya National Park.