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Adventure Himalayan Travels welcomes you all to the different kinds of the Village trekking in Nepal, You have to had to difference knowledge about the village trekking then the others trekking in Nepal so in village tourism all the activities are concerned with village. A village is selected as a model village. A few guest room and kitchen are developed without disturbing the village environment. Villages continue their daily normal works and guests enjoy participating in the village activities. Village tourism is concerned with the city areas. Big Hotels and restaurants are developed to cater to the needs of the luxury tourists. Mostly business people participate in this type of tourism. Village experience is the examples of village tourism. Village tourism has been recently introduced in Nepal.

Village tours consent to guests to knowledge a stay in a typical Nepal village. You will get to stay in home of the villagers and during your stay, you will get delicious local food and drink and comfortable accommodation provided by your host family. You are get a chance to cooperate with the villagers and get to know their culture, tradition and way of life first hand beside, you will be contribute openly to the welfare of the village which is openly advantageous for local peoples. Village tours are conducted in Sirubari, Gorkha, Dhading and many Khaling Rais are the dominant class of this area. They have their own language and are proactive both in joint and nuclear family ties. Chhang (locally fermented millet/rice wine) is an indispensable part of their food and culture; the Bhume Dance, the Chandi Dance and the Naghi Pooja are some of their major rituals. These highlanders (Khaling Rais) believe that it is necessary to worship their ancestors and the earth deity in order to continue human existence. in spite of belonging to the Kirant ethnic group, the Khaling Rais celebrate the Hindu and Buddhist festivals as well.

Attributed by topographical diversity, Nepal presents trekkers an immense scope for trekking to unspoiled regions. The contrasts in the altitude and climate of the regions in Nepal support a striking mix of diverse cultures and flora and fauna.Tapping the potential of this diversity new trekking areas have been opened. These treks provide the ideal response to all those trekkers who are looking for freshness and adventure in their treks and give an opportunity to marvel at the unexplored and diverse natural treasures of Nepal.

  • Balthali Village Treks
    Balthali Village Trek

    Balthali Village Treks at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is a condensed package of 8 days to the rural area, just 40km southeast from Kathmandu. The paramount significance of Balthali Village Treks can be jotted down by the very fact of Lonely Planet listing Balthali Village Treks as the world’s best multi- day trek without high altitudes.

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  • Ghalegaon Ghanapokhara Treks
    Ghalegaon Trek

    Ghalegaon Ghanapokhara Treks at ‘Adventure Himalayan Travels’ is a concise package of 9 days to the two famous villages- Ghale Gaon and Ghanapokhara resting calmly in the bossom of Lamjung district at a distance of about 20.5km North West of Kathmandu and 12.5km northeast of Pokhara.

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  • Tsum Valley Trekking
    Tsum Valley Trekking

    Tsum Valley Trekking is a trek to ‘Beyul Kyimolung’ which translates as - ‘Holy Hidden Valley of Happiness.’ The designation ‘Tsum’ is derived from the Tibetan term ‘Tsombo’ which means ‘Vivid.’ Tsum Valley is believed to have been crafted by 8th century Buddhist Saint Padmasambhava to impart shelter to the people fleeing from war, famine and religious persecution. The native inhabitants of Tsum Valley are referred to as Tsumbas.

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