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Nepal is an agricultural country. According to the statics, it was considered as a source of income during 1980s. In the total population, 90% people were engaged in it. Seeing the establishment of the 5th Five Year Plan which was made on 1970- 1980 has encouraged an agricultural sector. That has directly contributed in increasing the productivity which and that help to make in an easy export. Agriculture is directly promoting the industrial sector in Nepal these days.
In order to promote Agricultural sector, government has been paying attention regarding irrigation, proper use of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, facilities of credit, information about new seeds and so on. These are important steps that government is taking from their sides to endorse and bring diversity. However, due to various reasons these inputs are unable to reach in an appropriate hand and it is creating a problems. Sometimes nature does not show the mercy and ultimately degrades the production level. The condition is not discouraging though as we can still expect much from this sector. Day by day science is doing its progress and is contributing to minimize the loss. Rice is the main cereal that is produced yearly with great effort and the other supplementary food crops are Wheat, Barley and Millet so their contribution is also in a small scale. In addition, Tobacco and Sugarcane also illustrate as a noteworthy production from the 1970s to 1980s. Likewise, oilseed and potatoes are seen as a modest growth since 1980 whereas medical productions are able to growth but they are limited so that they would not harm the natural resources.
Our country is not a developed country to use the new modern technology. Despite of that fact this sector is doing progress in its own way. Terai region is known as a store house for granary and people of Hill Region are equally hard worker. Mixing these two factors Nepal is able to count itself in the list of an agricultural country. The soil of Kathmandu Valley is very fertile yet it is used for the settlement of people. The scenario is not problematic until and unless the production is sufficient for the people and our country is able to earn money from an agricultural sector.
Nepal is an agricultural country, so the tour related to it will be beneficial too. One can learn many more things when they come to Nepal as an agricultural tour. Nepal is divided into three regions and five development regions. So, when they visit for an agricultural Tour they will know lots of things regarding it.